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    20HP Bow Thruster, 24VDC Battery Bank

    Your “Captain” sounds like a real piece of work to want to replace a hydraulic thruster capable of continuous operation with an undersized electric unit that will shutdown from overheating in two to three minutes of operation. I live on a 100k lbs 70’ planing yacht with a short keel and 18hp...
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    Ebike prices expected to rise? 25% tariffs.

    If decent free healthcare for all, free college tuition, living wages for workers and progressive income taxes are socialism then sign me up! Seriously, no wonder young people do not see anything wrong with socialism when a conservative healthcare plan like Obamacare is decried as socialism by...
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    Ebike prices expected to rise? 25% tariffs.

    Your battery might have been assembled in Chicago, but where were the cells manufactured?
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    Ebike prices expected to rise? 25% tariffs.

    I just had an order of Chinese made LED bulbs shipped from Canada and was charged 25% tariff and a $38 inspection fee on a $166 order. A previous shipment 3 weeks ago had no extra fees.
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    Middrive or HUB on Single Speed Bike

    Are you sure that this is the "fun cruiser" you are looking for? Perhaps a more relaxed upright riding position with a cruiser-type seat and wider tires? Ebikes are wonderful machines, but there is a limit to what 250w and one gear ratio can do. Either it will acellerate and climb hills or it...
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    Will these battery specs power a BBSHD?

    It's not too low to power a BBSHD, but you won't be putting enough watts through it to justify the extra expense and weight over a BBS02 unless this is to be a rental bike that will get constant abuse. However, if you are planning on upgrading to a higher voltage battery at a later date and want...
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    Rejected due to shipping "damage"

    Isn't it great "being your own boss".........
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    Luna Black Box: anyone tried it yet?

    My home is too small for another computer, cheap or otherwise, and we are still downsizing even more into a tiny house type place. Why buy a laptop that needs another charger, when I can keep this in the bike tool box? Also it is a lot easier to bring the programmer to the bikes than the bikes...
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    Luna Black Box: anyone tried it yet?

    https://lunacycle.com/luna-black-box-bbshd-bbs02-programmer/ Has anyone tried this? I live in a Mac home and haven't ever bothered to mess with programming my BBSHDs in PC emulator mode. It sounds like this could be very useful for those in this situation or for those without a desktop/laptop...
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    E-bike restricted trail access and hate

    Well, you do have to admit that bicyclists DON'T obey traffic laws. That's just a fact of life on any road in America: bicyclists never stop at stop signs and only stop at lights if they have to, they very rarely give hand signals, ride on sidewalks when it pleases them, ride in crosswalks, and...
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    Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD

    Seriously? You rode your motorcycle on bicycle trails in Topanga State Park? What an F'n jerk! It is people like you who will cause the Rangers to ban all ebikes from the park. What a selfish self centered asshole. And insult to injury, you used the throttle all the way, so that there would be...
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    To short derailleur hanger for Nexus 3 IGH with chain tensioner

    I used their goatlink on mine. It needed to be put on backwards to get it to extend forwards enough to work, but it's been there for months now.
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    portable air compressors for tires

    Here is one I made a year or so ago...... Just a cheap 48v pump bought online and removed from its case and connected to the charge connector of my battery. I am sure you could also use the power plug too. I use mine to top up my fatbike tires for the ride home on pavement back from the trail...
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    Hot-setting 6061 Frame

    I would be very surprised if you could find a heat treater willing to take on your project due to the liability issues. If you do find a shop to do the work for you may find that the process distorts your part requiring cold straightening afterwards. If I was building a cycle capable of 100mph+...
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    Ebike crank arms

    Steel unicycle crankarms are only a couple of dollars each and will never bend. Who cares about weight=it's an ebike!
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    E-bike restricted trail access and hate

    This make no sense at all. What does my home state have to do with what we are talking about? Unless you were making some sort of clumsy insult, in which case it just indicates the weakness of any argument you might have. And why would I ask your obscure politician about anything either? YOU...
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    E-bike restricted trail access and hate

    This seems entirely reasonable: what's the big problem? Sur-Ron type electric MXers can't have pedals so they cannot poach Class1 trails. You can change your ebike, but you have to change the Class label if you do. And if you don't you can be held accountable. Again what's the problem?
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    48v trolling motor with 52v Shark pack?

    Does anyone know of a 48v trolling motor that will accept input power of 58v? I have a couple of healthy 52v Sharks from my ebikes and a CLC Whitehall boat that I would like to combine with a trolling motor. They aren't cheap and I would hate to burn one up experimenting if it was already known...
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    E-bike restricted trail access and hate

    You all are delusional if you think fake pedaling is fooling anyone on the trail, anyone who might matter that is. It is the MTBers who are on the lookout for ebikes where they do not belong and they are the ones who will call the Rangers, cops, etc. to complain. The entire mountain bike...
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    JUMP Bikes Bike share — Electrified.

    There may be infrastructure involved with ZipCar type sharing, but I doubt the maintenance is much higher: cars are very reliable these days, especially when there is a warranty period! Is an oil change every 15k miles any more expensive than replacing an IGH?
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    Grin Phase Runner / CA3 and BBSHD

    I gave up on ERT as well: it seems like the ebike stuff is a very very minor sideline for him. It was very hard to get his attention to address my issues and I finally gave up too. My problem was a throttle that started at about 30% power and was impossible to control at low speeds and small...
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    Chain tensioner with Shimano Nexus 3 and BBSHD

    Surly Singulator. I have used them for a couple of years with Nexus 3's and BBSHDs and they fit all sizes of chain..... You can set them up to either push the chain against the rear cog or pull it against the cog.
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    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    Are you serious? You really think that the problem with you riding your motorcycles on bicycle trails is that the people who built and maintain the trails are narrow minded? That its all their problem for not welcoming you with open arms? Honestly, I have never seen such unaware people and...
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    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    You are dreaming if you think that other riders of REAL bicycles will not notice your motorcycle on their trails. And they are their trails: they belong there and you do not. If your intent is to have all electric bicycles banned from all bicycle trails and paths then go ahead and poach wherever...
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    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    I have no problems with this bike at all: if I lived on a ranch or had easy access to an OHV area, I would buy one. I DO have big problems with a pedal kit for an out and out MX bike electric or otherwise though........ Is there any other reason for pedals on this machine besides illegally...