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  1. beast775

    E-S Stealth Electric Bike Owners

    These frame pics are superb.
  2. beast775

    Motor wattage rating for Lime/Bird/Roll?

    Hi markz , mark E here.. ive had a 36v 250w gotrax- bird type scooters, there mostly underpowered 10a -max 16a that i have tested.there ok , controllers are small and cheap stock, but lag on hills,i got bored with the little mileage they give at 4.5 -5.5ah batteries they come with...but im...
  3. beast775

    Throttle restrictor

    Just use the restrictor when other people use it, and over time you will get use to the availability of full power when you need it by throttle, do you have closeups of the front hub install? keep it simple.
  4. beast775

    Grin Brompton Kit

    Excellent build . I've used the smaller crystalyte hub and it worked great on a 1960s Raleigh folder..I'm interested in the ligo batts , seems I will end up with them in the future.
  5. beast775

    Greatest boxers of all time ?

    Daniel Mendoza :bigthumb:
  6. beast775

    Direct-to-Consumer Company Start Selling on Amazon?

    High End - Pedal Spark , my brow furrows :wink:
  7. beast775

    1942 CCM civilian.

    I haven't posted in so long , I meant to put the bike in the before and after section.. :oops:
  8. beast775

    1942 CCM civilian.

    Bike was repainted in 1972 so I was told. Started with frame fenders and rims. The rest was mutated to my liking. It has a bbs02 limited to 14a and a backpack 52v 11.4ah 🔋. Daytime lights run on 2 _18650s.front drum brake and rear roller brake it stops very well..there is a Shimano 8sp kickin...
  9. beast775

    Interbike 2018, Reno-Tahoe, Sept 14-20

    Thanks LFP these videos make me happy :D
  10. beast775

    '98 Quintana Roo panamint mxus xf07 350w fr hub

    Nice build,ive always liked the small geared hubs on the front, keep an eye on the axle :wink:
  11. beast775

    Reid Welch Returns (was Re: E.S. Quotable Quotes !)

    This is more unexpected than Nikola Tesla posting his latest build. :D Great to see your post and a big hello.
  12. beast775

    The Ebiker Joke thread...

    Watt,did someone say ch ez loun ge.
  13. beast775

    BBS02 (early "A") on American bottom bracket, success.

    I just got back from a ride on the bbs02, im not liking the PAS at all..ive got it on a 20" wheel bike and its to powerful and berserk,gotta set it up for only throttle.ive been reading to take out the encoder? so thats my next step.im going from a 24v brushed motor and this bbs02 is way to...
  14. beast775

    BBS02 (early "A") on American bottom bracket, success.

    Ive just started with mid drives and this is very interesting, i have a nice 60s schwinn that i can try a bbs02 on.thnx augidog.
  15. beast775

    MY1018 Mid-Drive Crank Freewheel Hill Climb Assist eMTB Proj

    Better idea than messin up a DH carbon bike..ive been using a OG straight cut gear 2009 my 1016? on a 1969 schwinn with a 24v 40ah battery in the frame triangle for 6 mnths and i live in a hilly area and i ride it wide open and can get over 90 miles before i feel the battery getting tired...
  16. beast775

    EBR (Electric Bike Review) deletes unfavorable posts

    EBR can delete whatever it wants to...hes just a passionate E bike guy trying to figure it all out.
  17. beast775

    Introducing the Electrom

    There you are :lol: , i turned around a few weeks ago near the baseball field at Caledonia and started the chase on my ebike,but i lost sight of you.then i saw you again and i was walking, so didnt run after you..Mark.
  18. beast775

    I am back AF

    Been a while since ive saw that avatar :D ,interested in seeing if those a123s still hold there ah well.
  19. beast775

    Ebikers EVen more deadlier... (?)

    Im terrified of ebikes,they make me spend money and have such wonderful conversations,ow wait what did you say Lock?
  20. beast775

    The Ebiker Joke thread...

    Thinking you got that one backwards LockH.. :lol:
  21. beast775

    Dave's 80:1 RC mid drive kit build log

    Thnx for the race vid :)
  22. beast775

    Kepler Bottom Bracket Friction Drive For Sale (Finally)

    Hello Kepler.im a newb to RC motors so its way over my head.but im pretty sure my 60s track bike needs this :wink: ..
  23. beast775

    Dogman Dans E bike burns his house.

    Hoping you get your house fixed up soon,i actually went and stared at my batt packs and started to come up with a plan that wasnt there before..
  24. beast775

    Hengtai geared motor oil.

    Noob with oiled filled hub , ive just drained the Hengtai and it looks like 10w30w oil, should i use ATM or oil when refilling with 15ml? Thanks, Mark. Used 10w40. thanks for the help.
  25. beast775

    New controller-wont spin up.

    Tried everything i knew and could not get it to work.had a second set of eyes have a look that works at a ebike store and he came up with same scenarios.with closer inspection he found shrink wrap on the power wires and negative,this never comes stock, so that was my answer to take controller...