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  1. stuntmanmike

    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    It's the Ebmx swing arm & I love it. It makes this bike so much more stable at speed, I only ride off road. Also it still wheelies very easily but its much more controllable and less prone to flip over backwards. Very noticeable when you climb steep hills or going over deep dirt bike size...
  2. stuntmanmike

    Sur-Ron - New Mid drive Bike

    Been a while since I’ve posted here, I bought my SurRon in 2018 after the initial rave reviews I read about here on ES and have never stopped mod’ing it, the only things I’ve left stock are some covers and trim, belt tensioner and the frame.
  3. stuntmanmike

    Dave's 80:1 RC mid drive kit build log

    Hey Dave, I finally got around to building my Tangent Bike(Nicolai Helius AFT) which thankfully, is almost done. I think I may have bought one of the first kits you made back in 2015? Believe it or not it sat in it's box for the last two years while I straightened out my life... I did however...
  4. stuntmanmike

    AFT 5kw 29er mid drive

    Welcome Very nice, clean build. I built an AFT bike a few years ago, once I had it all in place and properly adjusted it’s never let me down. I did run into some problems in the beginning with frame slip where I bent the whole structure but that was truly my own fault. I replaced the main...
  5. stuntmanmike

    Recommended BMX sprocket at a reasonable price?

    I Still ride BMX, For high quality look at White Industries eno freewheels. BMX sprockets are much more reasonably priced compared to mountain bike stuff. Check Profile Racing they have so many options and tooth counts and everything they make is super high quality US made. But if you wanna go...
  6. stuntmanmike

    Ripper 2.0

    I built my original Ripper mountain board about three years ago & in that time I learned a lot about what worked & what didn't. Recently a friend of mine commissioned me to build one for his son and I reluctantly obliged. Not that I didn't want to build him one, I just had to find the time to do...
  7. stuntmanmike

    **New arrival** LeifTech electric "Freebord"

    I pre-ordered my LeifTech in spring 2015 & got it on Wednesday. Aaron the owner of LT is one hell of a nice guy that is doing his very best to fill all orders on time and to keep things at the agreed price point. I have been building electric skateboard for a long time and had thoughts starting...
  8. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    You only live once & you cant take it with you...Go big or stay home.
  9. stuntmanmike

    e-Loaded "Fat Tail"

    Everyone wants to know what enclosures I use, it's funny. But it's actually the battery compartment from a Thunder Tiger RC monster truck the MT4g3. You can get them pretty cheap on ebay but you'll need to remove some material from the inside & extend the latches with 1/4" spacers to fit 6s...
  10. stuntmanmike

    e-Loaded "Fat Tail"

    I've been building & selling the boards that I make locally over the last year or so. My formula is to keep it simple to give it the "too few parts to run" look. So far I've sold eight in total. I use Loaded brand decks exclusively because I feel they're just made better. For this one I wanted...
  11. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    ^^You're right I have that reversed, sorry. Higher ratio means more torque and acceleration, but lower top speed. Lower ratio means less torque, more heat, higher top speed. Using a smaller pinion or larger hub is to lower the gearing. Using a larger pinion or smaller hub is raising the gearing.
  12. stuntmanmike

    Help required!! First build - Trampa E mountain board

    I have no experience with power tool batteries but I assume they are just 18650 cells molded into a pack. Using a separate bms for the whole thing would be the best/safest option IMO, because they'll be pushed beyond they're intended purpose. How would you eliminate the bms in the battery packs...
  13. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    Like a remote control car; the smaller the pinion or motor pulley the higher the top end, a larger pinion will make it faster off the line. But this one is geared somewhere in the middle & I don't remember the tooth count....But lucky for us this has been worked out by the guys at Alien Drive...
  14. stuntmanmike

    Help required!! First build - Trampa E mountain board

    I built a dual drive mountain board three years ago & its been ridden very hard & still works perfectly....The reason it's lasted so long is that I used quality components. Save yourself the trouble and $ get two Mamba XL's. They're easy to program and wont burn up like the rest of the Chinese...
  15. stuntmanmike


    hey man, I think you'd save a lot of time & grief by going with a castle creations mamba monster 2 straight away. The mamba is very high quality(6s max) & is easily programmed with the castle link adapter. The hobbyking ones are cheap Chinese garbage that will burn up. Spend more money the first...
  16. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    I live around New York City and its quite flat here but in testing I found that It could climb a hill as fast as i could go down one. I weigh 185 lbs and it doesn't strain or get warm even on long burner hills. This i attribute to having the correct pulley and hub gearing.
  17. stuntmanmike

    Dual Drive single motor MTB

    Very nice! Is a differential being used? Or is it positive traction? If you check out the Lagrange L1 by Red Rocks board shop they did something very similar with a Surf Rodz precision truck. I built my dual motor mountain board using two 245kv 63mm out runners & it's really fast. One of these...
  18. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    thanks man, I set the brakes to 70%, it's pretty much perfect at that. I have a few other builds which I have VeSC's in place but I love the unabashed power of the Mamba. It's just so simple & rugged. The enclosure is from a Thunder Tiger Rc Monster truck the mt4g3. I use these on most of my...
  19. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    Thanks man, I'm sure you haven't been idle either, what's on your drawing board these days psychotiller?
  20. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    I should mention that the drive bracket came from Richard at Alien Drive & once again they're top shelf, machined to perfection. Thanks man, I had to take a hiatus for a while but I'm back now & healthier than ever. I'm running this one at 6s w/a 8000mah Lipo brick, the battery compartment can...
  21. stuntmanmike

    E-Loaded "Polk"

    I wanted to build something that could travel well on trains & thru the city. My criteria was that it had to be light & compact >36" and of course as fast as possible. I chose the Loaded brand Polk deck for its size and concave pockets which really keep my feet in place very well. I'm running a...
  22. stuntmanmike

    2014 Specialized Stumpjumper & Luna Cyclone 3000w

    That would be funny wouldn't it ? I think about that a lot actually. I'm using a modified Camelbak with six 6s 8000mah bricks wired 3 in series then parallel. I think a bad enough slam would lead to spectacular inferno on my back. But that hasn't stopped me maybe because it hasn't happened yet...
  23. stuntmanmike

    2014 Specialized Stumpjumper & Luna Cyclone 3000w I use this works like a charm & keeps everything nice & out of the...
  24. stuntmanmike

    Ego-kit for the cheap, offroad-capable freewheel chainring

    There's also the AFT kid made in Australia which is made really well also. I have 2 Bafang 750 kits & the Aft 1680w mounted to a Nicolai DH bike. The Bafang kits are great for regular single track in public parks etc. when you need to be discreet with other hikers & bicyclers, there's hardly any...