2016 Salsa Marrakesh flat bar frameset, Bafang BBSHD & Luna Ludicrous V2, Shimano Alfine 8 IGH


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Apr 20, 2022
East Coast, U.S.A.
My first e-bike build was a 2016 Priority Eight with a BBSHD motor. The aluminum frame and/or frame geometry was unstable heavily loaded, so I found a NOS 2016 flat bar Salsa Marrakesh steel frameset to swap over to. It has a 68mm BB and can clear a 700c 50mm tire.

After a few years, it got 650B wheels (Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires, Alfine 8 IGH hub, Sapim spokes, and Cliffhanger rims), on which people have stuffed 2.4-inch wide tires - although I found that the Schwalbe Super Moto (not X) 2.4-inch tires I wanted to use don't comfortably clear the chain stays. It also got a Lekkie 40 tooth chainring, driven by a Luna Ludicrous V2 controller - this and the 68mm BB hit the relatively tight 48mm chain line needed by the Alfine 8. The chain is a 1/8 wide Connex 108.

The battery is an 52 volts 21AH, capable of 50 amps continuous, and I've tuned down the V2 controller to not trip the BMS. The front bag mounts via a quick-release decaleur, with a snap buckle safety strap. The battery weighs a lot, so I added a series of 5mm rivet nuts to help out the two existing bottle mounts - all 4 battery tray bolt holes are used.

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The MKS Esprit EZY Superior quick-release pedals are tool-less and safety clip-less and operate not unlike an air hose release, but with an additional 1/4 turn safety lock:

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How does it ride? Do you top out for pedal cadence with plenty of speed left under throttle or PAS?
Hi, yep, the Luna V2 controller can top out the motor way faster than I can pedal - I'd estimate over 180 RPM/cadence.
It's parts-swapping day, and I'm handing over the grocery hauling job to this bike. Its long wheelbase and slow steering help when the bike is overloaded.

It now has a Crust Clydesdale fork pulled from another bike (here) and a 26" rear Nexus 3-speed hub wheel: