2WD Mini Moto Show & Tell.


1 mW
Jul 2, 2020
I built this 2WD festival bike from a broken hoverboard and scrap minimoto about 2 years ago to take to a technology festival. Only got around to making a video of it a couple of weeks ago after winning a prize in a virtual ratbike competition after the main event had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Bits used:
£15 Scrapped Minimoto / Pocket bike.
£20 Hoverboard motors + controler from broken hoverboard.
£30 2nd hand Li-Polymer ebike battery 36V 10Ah (it's a bit tired but good for this sort of thing)
£5 Twist grip throttle
---- Bits in the scrap corner of the workshop.
£70 Total

Reflashed Hoverboard twin motor controller.
Regen braking.
Field weakening speed boost.
Top speed about 22mph

Show & Tell and a blast through some local woodland.