3 of the eelectrico 10.5ah 48v ncr18650ga packs


1 kW
Aug 7, 2020
traded for these in the fall and i have 3 left. rather than have them kicking around i figured i would sell them as they are great packs for the money.

I will take pics tomorrow, my daughter was up all night with a cold so I'm on like two hours sleep. Some of you are familiar with these, they are the 13s3p packs with sanyo GA cells that eelectrico was selling.

I believe he was asking 70 each plus shipping.
I would prefer to sell as a lot but will consider breaking if need be.

i am pretty sure i removed the oddball connectors already so it will be bare wire ready to mod for your project

If anyone wants them as a lot, its 200 plus 20 shipping