ActionBent Trike Conversion


10 W
May 28, 2021
Richmond VA
A few pics of my 1000w hub motor trike conversion. I purchased the trike new in 2008 and rode it for quite a while before motorizing. ActionBent was importing a number of Taiwan-built aluminum-frame recumbents, and are now defunct as a company, but the original manufacturer still sells under the Performance and TW-Bents brands. Anyway, I started with an inexpensive kit since the original trike had a 26" rear wheel, and have slowly been adding bits. I have the KT controller mounted in the hard shell tail pack and the battery mounted in a tool bag on a battery carrier down low and to the side of the seat. It's a 22ah heavy unit and was feeling pretty top heavy in the box with the lid-mounted controller - so relocating it made for a better weight balance. I upgraded the brakes to large-rotor TRP Spyres, swapped bar-end shifters to those that could accommodate a throttle mount- though I mostly use PAS. That black torque arm is a 10mm wrench attached to the frame boss. I have had the basic motor and trike configuration for over three years and it all works very well. Even carrying my advanced weight it gets well over 30mph under its own power only. The tires are Schwalbes made for ebikes, and the frame and seat are rigid and unsuspended, so smoother roads are in order. I had considered a BB motor setup, but the extra cost and concern for putting the weight out front on the boom was a concern. The drivelines on these things also means the chain routing and idlers may not be well-suited to chain-driven power.


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