Backfire Zealot VS. Exway flex riot


1 µW
Dec 6, 2021
Hi everyone,

I am looking to purchase my first E-skateboard and after long research, I've narrowed down my choice between the Backfire Zealot and the Exway Flex riot.

First of all, let me say this is my first e-skate (and I do not have experience with traditional skateboards either)...Yes, I know, I could have gone with a cheaper choice, but I am quite a committed person when I decide to do something, and looking online both boards are described as suitable for beginners as well despite being priced mid-range. This will remove the need for me to purchase a more capable board after a while when I'll be (hopefully) more proficient with my riding.

Looking at reviews it seems both boards are quite similar in terms of specs, performance and quality. So really what I'd like to find out is one of the two is more suitable for a beginner rider and why.

Anyone who has some experience using one of these boards and would like to share his opinion? I live in the UK so for me, weatherproof is paramount, as I am planning to use the board for commuting to work (I know no boards are fully waterproof).

Thanks to everyone who will want to reply (and please be nice as I am not an expert!