BBS02B Click when motor disengages


1 µW
Jul 30, 2022
Hi folks. Greetings from Ireland. Been lurking whilst I completed my 750w Bbs02+2003 GT Agressor build. Been an absolute hoot thus far (about 200kms) but I'm hoping someone can advise whether I have a problem or my imagination is getting the better of me!

I'm hearing (and feeling) a noticeable click from pedals when I stop pedalling and motor disengages. It's a bit like the issue in the video below, but not as loud, and my click occurs a lot sooner after the motor disengages.

N. B - worth noting that my click only occurs when the motor disengages under load. I. E, if I crest a hill and stop pedalling going down hill, click won't happen.

Happens in all gears and PAS modes.

Everything is functioning 100%, no other unpleasant clicks or squeaks. Cranks etc all tight and secure. It's definitely coming from motor housing.

Is this the normal sound of the clutch perhaps?

( to be honest I can't be certain my click wasn't there from the start 😂)

Any advice greatly appreciated