.CN "trike" inruners with aluminium extrusion cases


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Dec 1, 2008
Lyon, France
Gathering info on those interesting (and really cheap) mass-produced rickshaw motors.

The motor used on the GNG style mid drives is derived form those motors used on manual shift multi-speed rear axles for trikes.
They are available in many lengths but diameter seems to be quite constant, even if it seems there are different pole counts.

The GNG 450w motor is capable of stupid amounts of power on 24s for its weight and price, but how those bigger units will do?

Did you guys test those motors?

What about the design? bad, average, ok? I think the main strength is the very good power dissipation of the inruner design.

Here is a "1000w" unit opened up. I plan to peak 6kw+ in this. I did 3.5kw+ on my GNG on 14S without burning it so with more than double the stator I'm confident about my plan.

Got it here : http://e-bike-diffusion.com/index.php?module=produit&prd_id=509&url_retour=http%253A%252F%252Fe-bike-diffusion.com%253A80%252Findex.php%253Fmodule%253Dcategorie%2526code_cat%253D24%2526page_start_num%253D1

Do you have better sources? I tried alibaba but no luck, they always screwed me on shipping... I paid 150€ delivered on the BHT website, via DHL.

I want to use this motor in my next Freeride bike so I need to know exactly its caracteristics. What should I mesure first?


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Dec 22, 2010
I would like to know the rpm at the given voltage for these motors. Im looking for 1000rpm ish at 36v to link to a back 49t chainring on the disc mount with 12t freewheel on the motor.

The bike I just bought has 12/20mm through axles so I guess a motor like this is the easiest/strongest route.


I would prefer a quick release 500w hub motor adapted to my 12mm rear axle but I can only find 250 watt quick release motors for torque reasons I guess :(