Controller "kit" for bafang 350w FWD

Aug 6, 2022
Hey guys. I got the iZip pretty much done and am riding it, so it'a time for the next project. I picked up a Schwinn OCC chopper, and have a 36v/350w geared Bafang front motor kicking around.

I'm looking for recomendations of a controll/wiring "kit" (500w ?) to run it, with NO PAS sensor. Peddles are going way back under the seat so wont really be accesable. Here the regs only require "functional", not ergonomic so I am taking advantage of that to use extended foot pegs where the peddles are now. Meaning a useful PAS is out of the question.

And second, for the guys that have done stingrays, are they better set up as a front drive, or should I be fabbing up a bracket and jackshaft to use the motor in a mid-mount/rear-drive configuration ?
Seems like you only need a bare bones controller, since you don't require PAS, or other features. Do you want it to be silent (sine wave controller) or are you OK with the buzzing from a square wave controller? A 500W kit will likely be a geared hub so there's some motor noise anyway. Also, do you need a display, or running without one?
With a chopper, you may have to wheel spin on takeoff, so you may want to factor that in your decision to go with front or rear drive.
I am ok with some noise and would like a display, as well as a light-kit setup (the ones on Amazon, all-inclusive for under 50 bucks). If it matters batteries will be 3xDZM-20 SLA (house insurance reasons for the SLA). I ride a 250w right now and it gets the job done, slowly :D, so could probably get by with a 350w controller but a little extra top 500 would be nice and I dont think it will burn up the motor, I have read about guys doing it. Still pretty new to this hobby, the iZip (brushed side motor) was my 1st real project