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Creating a new accessory for e-bikes - win $300 for taking our survey


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Oct 30, 2018
Hey everyone,

I work for a bike accessory company that is considering making a product specifically for e-bikes. As a result we're trying to understand the challenges and behaviours of e-cyclists.

To that end, we're running a contest for e-cyclists - fill out a short survey and you could win $300!

In the interest of transparency, I could post some of the results and the winner in this forum if it interests you (I will have to ensure the privacy of participants and the winner above this, though). If you guys have any questions or comments, you can respond to this post or message me directly. Thanks 😁

Link to the survey: https://www.smarthalo.bike/ebike-su..._medium=forum-surveys&utm_campaign=enthusiast
I have 20,000 miles on the Verve ebike I purchased in 2014. I ride daily and only use my truck for long distance ( over 12ish miles one way ) The accessories are important and I would like to have a set of folding plastic saddle bags. Thank you