Daymak original Roadstar throttle replacement


1 µW
May 10, 2024
Windsor, ON
Hi all ... and thanks in advance for any help on what to do. I'm having a real problem with the local (Windsor) Daymak dealer being unable to find a part for my Daymak Roadstar. I bought it used last fall, from this dealer, and for the most part, am delighted with the scooter. The computer interface never worked properly, but I keep on top of maintenance, so I always knew if I had enough battery, etc. As long as it runs, I'm good.

5 weeks ago, the scooter suddenly died as I was doing some shopping. I tried to charge it, thinking I might have somehow run out of power, but - nothing. So I called the dealer, to have them pick up the scooter and take it in for repair. The mechanic said that it looked like a problem with the throttle, but he'd have a look and get back to me in a few days.

Well, I've been trying to get an answer on when I'd get my scooter back for nearly 4 1/2 weeks now. First they said they'd ordered a part, and told me that my bill would be nearly $650 ... but since then, they say they can't find the part. The original Roadstar is no longer made, and they're saying that the contact point between the throttle and the computer dash doesn't work with what's available for other Roadstar models. They've said they're looking around, but have had no luck in sourcing so far.

Can anyone advise on what to do next? I'm beyond frustrated and angered, as I really think I'll never see my scooter again if left in their hands.
These bikes/scooters use common hall sensor type throttle that can be found fairly easily. If you can post some photos of the throttle connector; I'm sure someone can find a match for $20-30 CAD from Aliexpress or Amazon etc.... I'm not sure what they'd mean by "e contact point between the throttle and the computer dash". Personally, I would have much faith in Daymak dealers being able to repair or replace parts.