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E-bike + carbon frame + 52V. 18650 + BMC motor

Jan 26, 2011
Portugal / Europe
Hello crew,

After a year collecting parts and learning with this forum... I'm going to begun my conversion...i hope. :lol:
This is meant to be a ongoing conversion...no rush :wink:
First, a especial thanks to joeFR, and is beautiful SCOOT ASPECT conversion...its been a inspiration to me, and a big help.
The big picture, its going to be: Cube analog disc 2012, size 20, Lyen 18x4115 controller, a old-school clyte 5306 and 24s 3p lippo.
Ok, some pictures:

Take care,
Luis Costa.


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Well...start doing something...finally. 8)
I take the Crystalyte rim out...and will put the Sun-Rim in.
I have a new set of spokes, from J.H...but they are 14/15ga. 6 months ago, when i bought this spokes i don't want to drill the rim...but this motor is real heavy, and i think i will buy some 12ga from JH.
Since the motor is out, i will open some holes in the side covers, put some black paint, and try to fit bigger fase wires.
Its a lot of work, for the free time i have... i think i need some 48hours days.

"Nice looking bike. Should climb trees with that combo. Make sure you pay attention to really good torque arms on that badboy."
Thanks Kepler.

Take care,
Luis Costa


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nooooo way!!! hahahahha :mrgreen:

dude i like your bike! especially because we are building EXACTLY same bike!


now i rided THIS for 3000km+ http://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/download/file.php?id=81149&mode=view

and going to the next step: lyen controllers and crystalyte motors.

feel free to contact me i can give you some good ideas for this frame :idea: :)
Hi guys,

A little work...very little :oops:
Its the first time i build a well. Not too bad...i think. But I'm going to change the spokes, a upgrade to 12g.
I try with this ones just for practice, and, I'm glade i did it, because they are 5mm too long, and i be able to correct that on the 12g spokes I'm going to order to J.H.

I steam25, nice builds you have done, and nice bike you have for the next build... :lol:

Take care,
Luis Costa.


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how is your bike going?
yesterday i finished my first test ride and go up to 94km/h with both motors at 6000W together. how much will you use on your motor?
Bem-vindo soaresdacosta, i have a 5306 too, the hell of a good torque. Good luck with your project.
This build looks great. I'm in the 5306 club too. I've just this week got hold of a decent full suspension frame so as soon as I've got something to show I'll put photos up. I'm going for 24s 100A
soaresdacosta said:
"Bem-vindo soaresdacosta, i have a 5306 too..."
Gracias rojitor.
Are you happy with your 5306 ? Do you have a build page here ?
Take care.
yes i like it very much, i wish it were lighter nevertheless is stronger than the ht. I made several builds so far yet i am too lazy to make a build page, sooner or later i will do it. ;)
soaresdacosta said:
"This build looks great. I'm in the 5306 club too..."
Hi nonlineartom, I already see your videos in YouTube...5306 + trike = FUN. :D
I read you upgrade your phase wires. Whats the size, you put there ? Modifications on the axle ?

Take care.
Luis Costa.

I got my 5306 pre-upgraded, I think they are 8 or 10 gauge phase wires with very thin teflon insulation rather than thick rubber. Tight fit out of the axle. The trike has been sold now, but I kept the 5306, thats going in my FS frame build for summer trail riding. It needs 66 or 88V to get up some heart racing speed, too slow at 44V
OK... some free time, to do some work, on the bike. :roll:
I open the motor, and going to drill the side plates.
But first, i need some tools, like a drill-press...and, since I'm doing this inside off my house, i try to put everything as clean as i can...
After the drilling i will put a temperature probe, and i will try to fit some bigger wires.


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I used 12 gauge spokes too, on my 5304, but a lot of people seem to say that gong with the thinner spokes on a bike rim is better than the thicker spokes. if you use spokes that are to thick, you can not put enough stretch on them, and they become loose quicker. I do not know what to recommend, but just letting you know that thicker spokes is not necessarily the way to go to make a stronger wheel. Sometimes a thinner spoke under greater tension is stronger than thicker spokes.

Also having the bend of the spoke on the outside and not on the inside, is supposed to make a laterally stiffer wheel, so feed the spoke through the hole from the inside, so the nipple is inside
Hi Guys,

Since life got in the way... my build stop for long time. :cry:
Now, I will try to finish my bike.

So... I finish my paint job, on the motor, put 10g wires, outside the axle i put 8g. Install a temperature probe and change the bearings.
I make some test fit on the bike, and there is some minor tuning to do...

More to come,
Luis Costa.


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In the meantime. I receive some parts.

A mid-mount for the cycle-analyst,
A power-supply,
The charger,
And the first four, of twelve batteries. Every cell, arrive at 3.81 / 3.82.

The next step...torque-arms.

Take care,
Luis Costa.


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Hi guys,

Its time to make a batteries box. In my Country (PORTUGAL), its hard times on the economics... :cry: so, its hard to find a company, for make some customs parts. I find one, and they are make-me a very big favor, for building an aluminium box for me, for the modest price of 400€ :shock: :shock: wtf...
So, i buy some acrylic and start to build my one. Well, its not easy, but not very hard, its very time consuming.

Take care,
Luis Costa.


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