EGO lawn-tool 14S battery INVERTERS

Dec 21, 2007
Ft Riley, NE Kansas
An inverter takes a battery DC voltage (12V, 24V 48V) and converts it to 110V AC, which can be useful during a temporary power outage. A couple of years ago, I purchased an EGO lawn mower and string trimmer, and I am very happy with them. The purchase was based on published forum info that verified the EGO batteries are 14S, which their marketing department likes to call 56V. If you have 14 lithium cells in series, is is commonly called 52V here at ES.

I am certain that when the stock lawn-tool batteries are worn out, I can figure out a way to use my ebike 14S / 52V packs on them.
The largest EGO battery is 7.5-Ah, but it is capable of high amps, and...EGO has announced that this year, they will begin producing a 10-Ah pack. Plus, there are threads here about using EGO batteries on an ebike.

"BBS02 with EGO 56V Home Depot Battery"

"Understanding and Using EGO Batteries"

Last year I was pleased to see that EGO has begun marketing factory inverters for their lawn-tool batteries. That first model is large and expensive, and it can accept four of the EGO batteries.


About a month ago, I noticed that they also came out with a small 150W inverter, and I purchased one for testing. As you can see below, the 150W version is small, and 150W at 110V is somewhere between 1A and 2A. The two USB ports would definitely keep phones and tablet devices charged, but it remains to be seen where else these would be most useful.

Yes, maybe small electronic devices. . .

Are you certain of the quality / longevity of the cells within?

Or does the cost per kWh come out cheap anyway?

I've always imagined Ryobi One+ the better platform, they have committed to that as a long-term stable standard.

If the day come EGO decides to end that line, you're stuck

unless figured out how to rebuild the packs from raw cells, deal with their proprietary internal electronics. . .
The output of the 150W unit is verified to be square-wave.


The common 7.5-Ah lawn mower pack is verified to be able to put out 30A, and at 52V nominal, thats 1500W. The reason that's important is because many home appliances are 1500W max (like a large microwave oven) because most outlets in the US are 110V AC / 15A max, which is approximately 1650W.

What I would most want from EGO is a small inverter that was sine wave (or at the very least a modified sine wave), and capable of 1500W, because there are soo many devices that will run off of that. Even just 1,000W would be a HUGE benefit.
Due to the success of the $100 150W inverter, EGO is now producing a $170 400W inverter. At 120V, that equals 3-1/2 amps.

If there is any big news, its that the 150W unit is a buzzy square-wave. But for $70 more, the 400W is a sine-wave.

There are a half-dozen pack sizes for EGO batteries. If it will fit your budget, consider getting the 5.0-Ah at a minimum. The smaller 2.5/3.0-Ah packs are light for tools you carry like the string-trimmer, but the small packs will not run the mower or other larger tools.

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I'm not sure what i'd use these for, but these things are badass!
Alternatively, I'd love to use my 52V ebike batteries with these inverters! Haven't gotten around to testing if that works and/or if the T / Transmit lead is required.