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Jun 15, 2010
Utah, USA
With all the hard technical Xenforo migration problems solved, and the visual/functionality polish now being worked on before deployment, i'd like to let you know that that's not where the upgrades end.

We'd ultimately like to see our online marketplace resemble something like amazon, ebay, or facebook's marketplace - IE a very nice browsing and listing experience; and no longer a set of free-floating forum posts.

Minimum specifications:
+ Items are displayed in a categorizable way for much easier browsing.
+ Item listings displays a picture that the seller can set.
+ Approximate location ( something like city/state or just zip code ) for the item is required for a listing so that search results can prioritize or filter for local results for buyers.
+ Price is required and displayed in the item listing.
+ A seller reputation / number of sales display.
+ Aimed at members selling their goods and vendors just getting started on their journey.
+ Multiple design mechanisms that prevent the marketplace being abused by bad actors, large scale sellers, driveby postings.
+ Implement the best of user design/feature requests.
+ Written as a plugin for Xenforo and utilizes the Xenforo display engine for the only purposes of making it look like it's not another site. Otherwise, it's it's own distinct engine.

No specific timeline is set for this project.
Comments will be open once things are more concrete. But just wanted to post for now to signal the intent.
PM me if you have a burning comment.
Not open for further replies.