Eternal outskirts of Moscow and beyond (LOTS of pics!)

Actually, the most of the photographs there has enough resolution to be printed
In the very beginning of computers. The computer guy said. Make pictures smaller. Never try to make a picture bigger. As to enough resolution. If you want bigger? Skorohod might be willing to sell pictures with more pixels.

In the very beginning of computers. The computer guy said. Make pictures smaller.
Not trying to sound old or something, but i do remeber those times! Screen resolution 1024x768 considered high and wasn't available for a lot of PC users in the mid 90's. 800x600 was "more than enough". There was a lot of pioneering digital cameras, whose goal was to reach the Holy Grail of a consumer digital imaging - a megapixel. Yep, just the one megapixel!

Time cut to a first half of 00's, when internet access for the most people was not that broadband and inexpensive as now. The "good form" for a blogging was to put a thumbnails around 200x150 px or even less with a clickable link to a 600x400 "full size image". That is what i actually did in my early days on LiveJournal. If your post has a "cut" - you should warn your viewers with something like "Achtung, traffic! There is a 10 photos of 967 kb of total size under the cut!".

Now we open a 100+ megabytes web page from our smartphone and don't even flinch. Odds are there a little to none photos or videos on the said web page, just a some short text.

I've used the Canon EOS 300D ("the first affordable DSLR camera in the world") from 2004 to a 2008. It has 6 megapixels - "why do you need that much, you showoff!". Now the full size photo from that camera has the less pixel count than a common 4k display. It has black bars all around your photo, when you view EOS 300D images in full size on 4k display (you can see it in the attached screenshot). In that very moment i have actually felt, how far the tech did go over those years.


Oh, you did send me down the memory lane! 🙃

Skorohod might be willing to sell pictures with more pixels.
Skorohod, the notorious pixel peddler 😎

But seriously, though: Dzen natively provides a 2400 px images on the longer side, and with a minimum DPI of 100 you could print out a 60x40 cm poster. Just don't look very close at the result 😆


And if you still be in need of the picture of higher resolution - i can provide it for free. I'm always trying keep my hobbies as far from commercialising as possible.
Well, today i'm a bearer of a bad news. I'm slowly dying from the ALS. It is totally uncurbable and nobody knows for sure how much time i got left. Maybe a several months - this is my reckoning.

From the start of 2024 to this time i'm bound to my apartment and barely walking from a bed to a chair or kitchen or a bathroom. Well, at least i'm still walking at all and can stand by my own - for this decease it is a kind of victory!

The 2023 is a year when i've start to feel there is something wrong with me. And i've ignored it as long as i could - the very rare example, when ignoring one's health is a good thing. The summer of 2023 i've even managed to visit Mariupol! The autumn of 2023 i've ride my Sur-Ron for the last time. The december of 2023 was the last time i've walked the streets of Moscow on my own with my camera.

Now i'm putting my things in order, my wife and my friends are very helpful.

Well, i'm sorry to be a bearer of a bad news, but i felt i must at least keep you all in the loop and not just disappear all of a sudden.

Here is a short playlist of my recent life, just to set a proper mood:

It's right in front of me
The throne of maladies
It's right in front of me
Your malignancy!

No more sickness
No more struggle
Can't believe I did this
But today it's gone

On the other side, I have survived
Didn't think it'd be
The hardest path I've ever walked
Alive again, alive as me

Scattered to the four winds
The cinders of the tide we lived
Memories of the work done
Of a proud son of silent Earth
Now you're a breath of a butterfly
Riding upon the wind by my side

Thanks for the update. And thanks for sharing your art and travelogues with us. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
I hear you brother, I look forward to meeting in the green lands some day.

It is a terrible burden to know your fate, and timeline, but we all face the same end, know you are not walking your path alone.
i have no couth and im not "religious" but i do believe theres "something"
youve heard that when you die there is a "light" and you walk into the light and meet all your dead loved ones or you keep getting reincarnated.
i recently heard that heading into the "light" is a trap and instead of walking into the light, turn around and youll see the universe and you just say "i want to go home" and you zoom off into another dimension or "the next level"

what are you hoping to find on "the other side"?
and dont say a sewer pipe:ROFLMAO:
what are you hoping to find on "the other side"?
As a materialist and atheist i'm not expecting nothing but "lights out". Like the first moment a person passes out when falling asleep, but without the further dreams and awakening. And after this moment is no more "the Me" who can describe a feelings. A total stop of electric activity in the brain which makes us us. Hence the recurring observation of "the light" - in my opinion it is a merely a glitches of a dying brain (and since we all do share a same biology - the glitches are the same).

It's a hard mode to dying - a person who believe at least in something still got some hope of the next life. I'm all up for it - i'm ready for the next adventure, but i'm just don't believe. If i'm wrong - it would be a nice surprise!

and dont say a sewer pipe
Yes please! :cool: If i had to choose i would choose a next life of photographer, traveler and explorer, whatever form of life it could be. I'm often musing myself about being a bodyless spirit able to observe everything everywhere. There is so much places i would see! But that is just a daydream, not even a thought experiment.

Rest peaceful in the knowledge that in your unique way you have helped improve understanding between our cultures and countries.
ive never done DMT but i think back when i was listening to Joe rogan and terence mckenna talk about their trips and how its the same "Glitch" as when you die. we might all be in for quite a trip on the way out of life.

Joe rogan and terence mckenna talk about their trips
Yes, one can feel how they want to believe in something more out there. And i'm understand perfectly why! I do too.
While i can i'm gonna post some photos from my 2023 trips, there aren't that many anyway. But first i gonna share some pics from the autumn 2022. Those pics i've took as a part of my "The mysterious Ramensky wasteland" series of articles in my Dzen blog and some of those photos aren't that interesting out of context, so i'm gonna skip some of those pics.

01. One of the infamous "skyscrapers on Vernadsky avenue" was never populated even for a day. Stuck for many years as abandoned building this tall fella changed hands a lot and now being demolished as we speak. This photo of 2022 is the last one for me where this building is whole.

02. Just a pile of the old asphalt.

03. A dangerous hole!




























34. The dying breed of the Moscow steel garages (the fence on the right isn't a fence at all, it is a rear wall of the row of a steel garages). A lot of those were demolished over the past decades, so it's a rare sight, especially in such high-cost-of-a-land parts of the Moscow.





39. Those orange sodium streetlights is a rare thing too (as well its greenish mercury-vapor counterparts) - it's all LED's nowadays.


That's it for now. Those couple a night trips does not have an usual start-to-end story but just a bunch of random photos. But since i'm really enjoy the night photography and i like playing with a various light sources - i can't dismiss them. So here it is as it is! That's all for now, i hope i'm gonna post another last year trip soon.
That Vernadsky skyscraper (photo #01) sure looks handsome, why was it never used?

That corrugated black pipe in photo #14 was quite the optical illusion for me at first! It looked like a massive cylindrical building in the distance! Before the surrounding broken concrete around it started to give it context. Which also made more sense in the subsequent photos.
looks handsome, why was it never used?
I was wondering the same thing.
Long story short: there was a three same buildings designed by the hand of architect Evgeniy Rosanov in the early 1970-s, and those three buildings was build between 1975 and 1995 or so. All three supposed to be for the KGB. In the 1991 KGB was split into bunch of different federal agencies, the money was quite scarce. That led to delay of finishing one of those three beauties and basically stopped building of the other one. That's the one on the photo #01.

It was still in the possession of one of the agencies during 1990-s, in the early 2000-s the ownership was passed to the Rosoboronexport (federal agency trading arms internationally), but the money was still scarce. In the 2010-s ownership was passed to the Rostech (the umbrella federal agency in charge of the hi-tech industry). They put those new plastic tiles on the facade (but i'm personally like the original "limestone" panels more).

But they run out of money for this project either, so government sold this lot for a commercial building construction and now this almost 50-years old skyscraper is being demolished.

There is an old photo (by the looks of the ad boards it's the late 1990-s or the early 2000-s, i don't know who the photographer was), you can see how all three looked in its prime: