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flexable open source torque sensor calibration for TSDZ2


10 W
Jan 20, 2020
I have read the directions multiple times and have a number of questions. first off where do I get the Excel spreadsheet? Second, do I leave the torque sensor in calibration and ride for a bit? Once I am done do I leave it in calibration enabled or do I then disable it and my values are locked in?
For the calibration itself, I turn the bike on with the Left pedal facing down (per my setting). then once on I go to Tecnical and Torque sensor, then move pedals to flat? or keep them in vertical. Then I hop on and see the reading.
At this point I go to the Excel spreadsheet and input what value for 0, and my weighted value for the 8 spot. How do I come up with the other 6 values? I am going to be the only rider. Once the graph is done I transfer the values back to the Torque sensor area? How do I figure out the other pedal?
Sorry if these are basic questions but I am a bit unclear and do not want to goof it up. maybe a link to a youtube video?
And yes I did do a search and did not find a solid link to this whole process, just bits and pieces
soo for value 0 I use the reading with nothing on my pedals. Value 8 is the reading with me on the bike? then I need 6 other weight things, I guess I can get my son, but I do not think my wife will volunteer her real weight..... So real weights? Medicine ball?
When I am on the bike and I am on the pedals, do I divide my weight in two as my weight is split between the two pedals?
FYI I did find the Excel spreadsheet.
Hey cavi 've had similar questions. How does the calibrated motor feel?

When you were measuring the adc values, were the crank arms vertical or horizontal? I've been getting tripped up by the wiki saying "parallel to the ground"
cavi said:
got the calibration working!!!
What did you do? Mine was for the most part pretty good but as soon as I started messing with the torque calibration it all went to hell. I followed all the instructions on the Wiki, but now the response is terrible and when I change gears the motor doesn't even kick in until a good 10 seconds.