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Help me finding exact match of 3 phase wiring in hub motor

Apr 28, 2016
Guys please help me out in finding exact match of phase wiring in electric hub motor

i dont remember which wire goes to which winding

is there anys way to find this out or do i have to swap all wires one by one including hall sensor wires


Waiting for your replies.
Just swap the 3 phase wires or the 3 hall wires. Not both. Whichever is easiest.
Thanks for the reply

i tried swaping phase wires but no luck

is there any way to check wether phase wires are getting power or not .

can i check it via digital multi-meter ?
Is the wheel making any noise, twitch or move when applying small amount of power? Does it turn but roughly? That tells you the phase wires are carrying potential. There's really nothing to be gained or learned from measuring phase wire voltages. You just need to keep trying combinations in an organized fashion and if that doesn't work then test the controller MOSFETs.
Yes the wheel moves freely when some force is applied but when i short any two phase wires i find some resistance in moving the wheel

does it mean my phase wires are fine .

i will be trying different combinations tommorow and will update the result.