how do you make a lightning dissipation array system/DAS


10 mW
there are some pretty simple ones like the splined balls

the "complex" ones you need to make some resistance tests

theres a calculation you can make when your bonding/grounding your boat for zincs
does anyone know the formula for the resistance of a DAS?


10 mW
i really dont care for that channel all that much, big surprise
im more into channels like, Adventures of an old sea dog, or David Mcluckie and his self powered diesel heater project
the Tesla patent is missing a diagram
this channel talked about lightning strikes and how to connect lead and lithium in a boat, he invented the doo dad

Clark still gets hit by lightning but he uses that ball thing with many sharp points, where Tesla says that a no no
$15,000 is alot for something that seems so simple
it seems all you really need is a lightning rod grounded to the water with anything shaped like a Tesla dome on top
there is a formula in there, i just have to go back and actually read it

maybe solar will give the answer