Info needed for Sabvoton settings

Nov 28, 2021
Hi, I know this might sound stupid asking about this but I'm confused on what these settings mean lol,
I have a SB that I built myself and it has a 3000w rear hub brushless motor, I'm not sure on the make or model of the motor as I purchased it from Aliexpress.
My battery is a BTRpower 60v 25Ah lithium battery(I'll add some pics) and I'm wanting to know the best settings for my controller as my bikes top speed is about 35mph and I'm not sure if any setting is set correctly.
Here's some of my current settings:
Rated DC current:80a
Max DC current:90a
Rated Phase current:160a
Max phase current:210a
Protected phase current:450(default on my controller)
My max throttle voltage is:4.7v
Mid throttle voltage:2.5v
Mid throttle current:170a
Min throttle voltage:1.7v
Also inhave flux weakening turned on and the current is set to 70a.

Do these settings look correct or is something wrong? I could upload some screenshots of the settings in the app tomorrow if needed,
Also what exactly is the difference between DC current and phase current and what does it effect on the bike? Thanks 😊