Max voltage for 60V KT controller


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Jul 26, 2012
Cedar Mill / Portland, OR
I'm thinking long term potential for overvolting a 60V E-cells / Wired Freedom geared hub bike that is labeled as 60V KT controller KT60ZWSRLTD-ZYXFO1T.

The bike is sold with 16S batteries with peak voltage of 67.2V. IIRC years ago regarding overvolting cheap 36V/48V controllers that~64V was the max due to capacitor rating. So if a controller is designed for 67V, how much higher can it go?

I was thinking if I got a spare battery maybe going 17S would work with stock controller and give just a small top end boost without increasing current. I know GOAT power bikes sells a "60V" direct drive bike that runs 17S.
That sounds like a lot of trouble for a very marginal improvement.
It would probably be wiser to just get a better controller.

Sorry that doesn't answer your question.

The caps aren't the only component that needs to be checked, there are many voltage converters inside the controllers, usually converting to 24V, 12V, 5V and/or 3.3V.
It is difficult to say for sure how much they can tolerate without having a datasheet.

Also, stuff like regen can generate much higher voltage peaks from time to time and if the controller is right at the limit of what it can do that might push it over the edge. You don't really want that because sometimes when controller die they can take the motor down as well (it's not the most classic case but it does happen).

If I were you I'd just bite the bullet and get a better controller and a better battery. If money is tight I suggest getting the controller first and limit its power through the settings. Then you can crank up the power when you replace the battery later.
So if a controller is designed for 67V, how much higher can it go?
You can’t assume the controller’s voltage rating based on a bike company’s battery choice. It might be rated at 60V, 72V, 84V, 100V, or any other number. I tried searching for the kunteng controller code you listed, and found nothing. You need the specifications for it.