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ME1507 vs Zero 75-7


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Feb 16, 2021
Just had a few questions regarding the MotEnergy motors vs Zero Motorcycles motors. From what I've read, Zero's motors are very similar to a few of the MotEnergy ones. If I read correctly, Zero used to even use the ME1507 and ME1917 motors, somewhere around 2012 or earlier. Someone correct me if that is wrong though. Their 75-7 looks almost identical to the ME1507, and I'm assuming their 75-5 is a replacement for the ME1917 motor. I also believe they used to (maybe still do?) use Sevcon controllers in their bikes?

So my questions are.

1. How does the ME1507 compare to the 75-7? I've read posts where people are claiming the 75-7 is a bit better. I'm just curious why/what is better about it exactly? Likewise, the ME1917 compared to the 75-5.

2. If I made a build out of a Sevcon and ME1507, can the 75-7 be swapped in with no changes to controller programming? Would I even gain any performance?

3. Does Zero still use Sevcon controllers? If so, I'm curious what they use on their big SR/SR-S motorcycles that use their biggest 75-10 motor.