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My new project, a Chinese motor scooter completely stripped down most plastic removed pistons crank shaft, removed ready to insert a 2400 w AC motor,

Jan 28, 2024
My new project, a Chinese motor scooter completely stripped down most plastic removed pistons crank shaft, removed ready to insert a 2400 w AC motor, which will be propelled by AC current, a speed controller The dial is a throttle and a trigger on and off switch the 2400 W motor has a range from 150 W to 2400 W electric motor is housed inside the magneto cover with a shaft going through the crank case to the transfer transmission cover a 14 to one reduction in the final Drive +4 to 1 of the primary Drive allowing to use the full RPM of 6000 revs the speed controller provides the watts. It can be restricted to 600 down to 150 W at 2400 W controller provides 3 hp I push bike frame and wheels doesn’t have the breaking power. The towing capability know where to put two people on the bike so using motorbike parts provide strength, an excellent braking capabilities. The frame has 12 V system providing stoplight, blinker lights and headlights. Jewel pedals will be installed in a tandem arrangement. The power for the engine is provided by auxiliary generator that provides 12 V power at 5 A and 3500 W propelling the machine at 105 km to the liter. The vehicle is a petrol electric it doesn’t have a battery otherwise would be petrol electric battery using 240 power provides cheap replacement parts. The motor has a three-year warranty using a 9 inch angle grinder arrangement with soft start , the secret is giving the bike down and using the 6000 rpm topSpeed, the E bike or 240 E-BIKE has two gearing ratios high speed, sprinting long range 400 km the bike can support a secondary a bike charging the battery for long range travel. This is the second 240 V bike I’ve created advantage unlimited distance no registration the generator is a charging system. It attaches itself from a petrol motor, the generator can be carried on the bike because of its sturdy construction or on a small trailer, providing power for a small fridge, frying pan lighting and supporting other E bikes by providing 240 power to multiple charging arrangements with other bikes, to travel with you


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I converted 2 gas cars to electric in Highschool; a 1991 CRX (DC) and a 1987 AE86 Corolla (ADC).

This is the parts list for my 15-year-old AE86 Build. During that time, LiFeP04 was extremely expensive, and the only plug for 18650 cells were from laptop batteries. My only option, given my budget, were AGM Gel batteries.

1. 144V Advance DC motors (ADC) $2,200 after tax/shp
2. Curtis 500A 144V controller 1231c $1700
3. Zivian NG3 144V 20A pcf Charger $1,200
4. (10x) BRAND NEW 12v AMG Gel-Tech 35AH deep-cycle batteries $1200
5. Curtis PB-6 Potentiometer (pot box) $175 BRAND NEW
6. 2 Contacter(s) $250 and $75 (one allows the motor to spin backward, you get to reverse in 5th gear from a switch)
7. Kelly Dc/Dc converter $189 BRAND NEW
8. Digital Amp/Volt meter, Shunt and LED battery monitor $350 (new) everything is 500a and 120v
9. Custom 9in motor mounts $100
10. 50 ft. Cable 2/0 AMG $200
11. Cable cutter $55
12. 500amp Fuse $45 BRAND NEW
13. Custom battery rack
14. 12v big fan, 12v mini turbo blower fan $45 BRAND NEW
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