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New or Rebuilt Lithium-Ion Battery Service


Send me your batteries to repair or rebuild...
PM me for more info.
I build and repair lithium ion battery packs. Can build and size or repair welded. Can ship and I’ll ship it back.

FIX OR BUILD 18650 welded any style you want. I build custom lithium ion battery packs. PM ME FOR DETAILS. located on the east coast of USA Philadelphia.
Time to get your batteries repaired before the summer. I diagnose and repair lithium ion battery packs. Also build brand new with name brand cells. Have also been using smart BMS viewable with Android or of app.

I am located in Philly. You can ship your batteries to me and I will ship them back to you working like new.

Normal turn around time is about 7 - 10 days.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post

Victor's electric bikes
SlowCo said:
Yes those are things you need to build a battery pack. But I hope you'll also show us the quality of your work (welds, connections, BMS etc.) while building a pack. So hopefully you'll update this thread with photo's when you are building your next battery pack. There is no better advertising than showing decent quality work with total transparency :wink:

Why would people send their batteries to you or have you build them a battery pack?
You have not shown any of your work up till now. No photo's or evidence that you even know how to build, test or repair a battery pack...

If you have experience and built some packs please post photo's.
asked for references job photos


spamming forum is getting old
this is advertising, presumably a site sponsor, not supposed to be critical I'd think.

If they did a bad job then wouldn't get more business right?
I make and repair lithium ion batteries. I will ship anywhere in the US or Canada. Or ship your broken battery to me and I will fix it.

Victor’s Electric Bikes
(215) 254-0381

I also repair controllers replace hall sensors, repair mid drive systems, maintenance on geared hubs required every 1000 miles.

Haven't met an Ebike or battery I can't fix yet. If there r dead cells I will find them and replace or rebuild.

Check out my reviews on Google.

I spot weld cells with pure nickel strip high quality BMS and any size or case you would like.

And I don't mind answering what you may think is a stupid question.
john61ct said:
this is advertising, presumably a site sponsor,
There aren't any site sponsors other than the owner, http://ebikes.ca, AFAIK.

This guy just keeps spamming other people's threads, and non-sale forums, with ads for his business, cuz he can't be bothered to abide by the rules (assuming he has even bothered to read them). So the mods have to keep moving his spam to this thread he already has, that he should be using for any advertising about it (since multiple threads for the same ad aren't allowed either).

What he should do instead is answer people's questions that have been ignored.

At present his behavior is more of just a spammer than someone with a good reliable business one could trust. We've seen this kind of thing before. (one person I recall that tended to ignore questions, fail to respond to people, etc., that was also in Philly, was Mwkeefer).

Apologies to the OP if you feel offended; this is just what we, as members here, see.
Panasonic 2900 mah 18650 welded

PM me for details. Located in Philadelphia. Pa USA

Will ship to the us except CA

I can build you any size lithium ion battery. Tell me how you want it shaped and if you want a case or not.

I use only too quality material when building my batteries. Hence the Panasonic cells. If you know your batteries u know how great these cells are.


If he is shipping USPS priority ...I would bet the batteries are not labeled properly. USPS has now become very particular on the shipping of Lithium batteries, even if packaged properly and labeled properly. My local USPS will now refuse any Lithium battery shipment over 5 lbs. I do all my shipping of assembled batteries and large quantities of batteries with Fedex now. And I had to discuss all the particulars with my Fedex account rep to get approval. I know from experience. :roll:
Yes scofflaws may have a bit of edge there, but not likely to be the customer's problem.
Vmw1982 said:
I rebuildithium ion battery packs

D oes that mean you take usable cells from a used pack and incorporate them into a new pack? And possibly build a bigger AH pack from them?
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