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Qestion: what makes regen intensity different?


1 µW
Jun 14, 2021
Hey guys, I built 2 ebikes with the same controller (Grin Baserunner L10, battery, and motor (generic 205mm series DD hub motor), pedal sensor (Grin). Guy I bought it from says it's rated for 2000W.

The bikes are up and running, and when I activate regen, one seup barely gives back 100W, while the other brakes hard and gives anywhere from 300W-500W , slowing me down nicely. I wired the both the same way (soldered the hall wires, battery connections, etc..). Everything works the same, execpt for this regen, and I'm scratching my head as to why.

Thanks in advance for any advice
First, just to clarify, when you observe the behavior, are both bikes are at a similar state of charge. There's a max regen voltage rollback that occurs when the battery is near fully charged, so if one bike is fully charged and the other isn't, you could see something like that.

Assuming this isn't the case, then you'd need a programming cable to set the max regen current to be the same for both bikes. For the L10, looks like the max is 80A. but you could set it to anything up to that.
thanks, I'll look into that max regen setting, I haven't tinkered with any settings since the fall, but I set them up the same. Get back to you, appreciate the reply @E-HP