QS165 and Fardriver ND72360 , configuration problem.


10 W
Aug 29, 2019
Hello. I bought a set of mid QS165 engine and Fardriver ND72360 controller, as well as wiring, display, throttle, etc. Connected cables, everything loose on the table. 1 problem is the lack of reading parameters from the controller. The application on the PC sees the USB adapter and has a connection to it, but no data reading from the controller. Tried on 3 computers and same thing. Another problem is after turning on the power via the ignition key, the controller emits 2 short and 1 long beeps. According to the manual, this is an auto calibration of the engine. I can't pass this stage. After deflecting the throttle, the engine gently spins and then stops, and falls into a slight resonance, and again gently spins and so on.

Here is a link with instructions for this controller.