Rear hub motor with planetary gear but no clutch/freewheel -> How to upgrade


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Jan 9, 2019
Hi everybody,
I've been stumbling across this forum many times while looking for info's about ebikes and I must say this place is amazing, lots of usefull infos!
Recently I bought an Atala E-Light bike that I'm trying to restore as the previous owner didn't take a lot of care and many parts now need repairing.
The strange thing is that it has a rear hub motor but there is no clutch/freewheel inside, so the motor keeps spinning even when not in use. This add a lot of drag that my other ebike (an old frame I converted with an mxus kit) doesn't have. Therefore I was wondering if you could help me locate a compatible clutch/freewheel to install. Here are some pictures and the measures I've taken of all the components.

Gears 30t diameter 40mm height 10mm (or 12mm didn't wirte it down sorry)
Outside to outside of 2 gears 92mm
Metal plate diameter 74mm (where the gears are located)
Motor axle 12mm Woodruffkey 15mm
Total height 26mm (metal plate + gears)
Gears inner diameter (or external ball bearings diameter) 20mm
Inside hub diameter 112mm
Inside external gear diameter (the one fixed in the hub) 95mm

Thanks a lot in advance to everybody.
Here is a link Motor 26" přední 36V/250W 3pin/ovál SY736 stříbrný
It has no clutch freeweel. If it holds back try to disconnect the 3 wires from motor
This link might be better:
But it seems to be with 10mm axle
thanks a lot for taking time to register and answer me, I really appreciate it!
I tried to contact them (topkolo) hope to get an answer soon