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Replacement BMS for a stock / kit Bafang M625

May 30, 2024
San Diego
Hello, wanting to replace BMS on a M625 Bafang kit with a 1000watt mid drive. I reconfigured the battery into a triangle shape! Installed battery works great but won't take a charge. I played around with it trying to get the charger to charge and I may have fried the stock BMS, so I'm thinking at this point to just get a new BMS and Controller, and charger since it's all proprietary canbus linked together, such a pain if I didn't get such a great deal I wouldn't have purchased.
I really don't know anything about this stuff so I need some help choosing a BMS. From what I can tell it's a 14s, cells are Samsung 50E 21700 5000 mah 9.8 amp, when I put a volt meter on each they all tested at 4.0, and there are 56 of them in groups of 8 and 7 "groups"... The batteries sticker lists 50.4v 19a, here are the manufacturer specs
  • Capacity
  • > 40Ah
  • Voltage
  • 48v
  • Type
  • lithium battery
  • model
  • BT F22.960. C
  • Rated voltage
  • 50.4DCV
  • Nominal Capacity
  • 19.6Ah
  • Ratd Capacity
  • 19Ah
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current
  • 35Continuous Charge Current
The charger specs that came with the kit are
output 58.8 / 4 amp

All I know about the motor is it's a 1000 watt, not sure if it's a 48v or 52v?
Hoping for some help[ here, I really need a BMS, and find out what type of controller to buy being 52 or 48v. I'm going to get a 1000 watt BBSHD as a replacement, saw a video where they did it successfully on a M625 doing away with canbus. So I'm thinking new controller, charger and BMS so I can do away with canbus and get to riding! Can anyone please advise if you know of a solution, thank you