Tsdz2 firmware open source adapted to vlcd5, vlcd6 and xh18

Thanks. Typically I cant get ST.com to send me a verification email !

FFS! Why is this stuff so janky.

Edit: got the emails 12 hrs later...

Got the firmware updated and tried again:

Obviously it still doesn't work, but new error message.

I've checked for continuity on all pins and its good. I've tried with 5v and 3.3v. I've tried with 2 different STlink V2's, the cables are as short as physically possible, the software is all installed exactly as required. I've tried with x4 and x6 in STVP

Error : Cannot communicate with the device !
Check the SWIM cable connection and check all the needed pin connections on the SWIM connector.

If the application code uses Swim Disable and Reset pin as Output or has disabled SWIM Clock Divider:
Try Now to SWITCH OFF and ON the application Power Supply while NRST Reset pin is forced low.

Error : < PROGRAM MEMORY reading failed.
Error : < Operation aborted.

I'm about ready to chuck this motor in the bin and pick up something else.