Welcome to the help wanted & offered forum!


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Jun 15, 2010
Utah, USA
Hi all. Some have posted jobs in various subforums, but i figured it's time for us to have a formal and clear place for this type of activity.

This subforum is useful for these types of situations:
+ Hiring an engineer to help design electric vehicle/alternative energy projects.
+ Offering a service that would be useful to the electric vehicle community, such as design, IT, engineering, manual labor, etc.
+ Offering some paid consultation to help fix your ebike, if the free help this forum provides is inadequate.
+ You're a well known member here who has a side business that you think other members would be interested in hearing about.

No multi level marketing is tolerated here and posts about MLM/etc schemes will be deleted quickly.
Multiple threads about the same topic will be deleted in order to keep the listing clean and readable.
All other forum rules apply - absolutely refrain from personal attacks unless you have an airtight case that someone has wronged you, and you have already given them the opportunity to correct things.