What has happened to Battery Bro (batterybro.com)?

Ive been trying to email them and requesting quotes BUT NO RESPONSE! At all! In may there where quick to answer but THREE MONTHS and not a single response to 5 different email from 3 different emails!

They also posted regularly on their facebook page, at least 2 a week but since 31 july, NOT A SINGLE POST!

I tried they online chat, no response!

Also their instagram has been dead for 18 weeks!

even checked their Google plus page and 26 weeks has passed since their last post.

Have they gone out of business?


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I wrote to him a long time ago, and it took quite a while for him to respond. I'm sure he has a "day job" and the website is a side hobby.


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Well you went through a lot of trouble researching all that info, and it makes me wonder why the interest?
It is sad if battery bro really went down. Is it really true? Really an awesome site and an awesome source of intel on how to identifify counterfeit cells and a good place to buy guaranteed authentic cells at a descent price.

Imagine where we were 5 years ago when they started.... 20 dollars retail for a sony vtc-5, a known phony cell. Battery bro changed the entire land scape by finally posting truth and real testing data.

Here is a chance for some ES guy with some testing equipment to take over.