Will a large pure nickel sheet carry 160 amps of current across series connections?


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Sep 22, 2020
In the process of building a 16s4p (Molicel p42A) battery pack, rated to 120 Amps maximum (80 amps continuous).

I'll be using a Sunkko 709AD spot welder to spot weld (maximum 0.15mm pure nickel). I plan to get a large pure nickel sheet, to cover both the series and parallel connections, as shown in the attachment

I am trying to calculate the maximum current this will be able to handle. We know that each 0.15mm2 of nickel can carry 1 amp (0.15mm2 per amp). So the nickel sheet which is 80mm wide and 0.15mm thick has a cross-sectional area of 12mm2. This means it will be able to carry 80 amps! (12mm2 / 0.15mm2 = 80amps).

Therefore, layering two of these sheets, one on top of the other, would give me 160 amps between series connections.

Is my math correct on this?


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spinningmagnets said:
take a look at the copper/nickel sandwich method to see if that might work for this...

Yes it looks like the best way. I just need to beef up my Sunkko 709 welder to be able to get good welds with nickel plated steel (0.15mm) and copper 0.1mm