Will this be enough to get more current out of the Flipsky 75100?


100 kW
Jul 26, 2014
Different shunt (was told that it has 0.5ohm shunt and has to be replaced)
Update in the source the new shunt resistance (if possible) and remove current limits (if there are any).

Better fets - I read that the stock ones are silicon limited to 120A so they have to be replaced.

* I'm liquid cooling it so heat isn't an issue and plan to run 22S (until now survived my 24S).

Question is, what software do I use to recompile the source?
What is the best and highest current rated fets that work with the 75100? (would appreciate a part number/link)
Do you think I can change the shunt resistance in the software?

Is there anything I may have missed that may make this not work?


10 mW
Feb 2, 2019
I am the original author of 75100 hardware.
Due to my personal reasons, the schematic has not been completed. At present, there are only PCB files and source code.
This is the 75100 which I have been working on for the last year March.
I have made two versions, one using stm32f405rgt6 and the other using stm32f407igh6.
At the same time, I also made a 75200, but the production process is more difficult.

I modified the overcurrent protection part of the firmware, because in VESC, the overcurrent protection does not directly depend on the sampling value of a shunt, but the motor current calculated from three shunts. If the MOSFET fails, the current of a shunt will be very large, but the program will not return an error, Therefore, I modified the program so that when the Slow ABS Current Limit is False, the overcurrent protection is directly based on the value sampled on the shunt, and when the Slow ABS Current Limit is True, it is based on the original overcurrent protection.

I downloaded the firmware people got from filpsky fs75100 from the Internet and downloaded it to my hardware. Based on this, I can conclude that the firmware was obtained from a 75100 I had previously sold, and its version is 3.00.Later, I learned that the staff of flipsky bought two 75100 from me, and I didn't consider who they were.

Recently, I downloaded the beta version of VESC firmware and recompiled the newer 75100 firmware.