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Wondering if I can fit these batteries


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Dec 31, 2021
I have one of those full steel enduro ebike/ bomber clone frames as shown in the picture. I want to fit a massive battery into it, composed of ~420 18650 cells (Samsung 30q). I want to put the batteries end to end in the frame (width ways). It’s a tight fit but allows me to fit largest battery possible, while also keeping a simple build design since I am a newbie. I have done some sketches and it seems that it will just about fit.

given the batteries are 65mm long each, the nickel strip is about 0.2-0.3mm (x4) and balance wires add about 0.4mm and the foam padding is 1.5mm (x4) and a 0.5mm plastic sheet between (correct me if any of those seem wrong) then that gives me about 137.7mm wide and the frame is 140mm wide inside when accounting for the bolts which reduce the clearance. It seems good enough to me. I might try to make a section of the battery just to test if it will fit but if any of you have any experience with this or have done something like it before, I would appreciate your advice,
many thanks,


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