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Mods for Changing Input voltages for Infineon /Xie Chang based controllers

These boards and variants on them have been used by various custom controller manufacturers on the ES forum, as well as commercial producers like Crystalyte and possibly others.

They are available to take input voltages from as little as 24 to 48 volts all the way up to 50volts and probably higher.

At this time I am not going to add massive detail on this. I do not have the time now. I just want to 'publish' these self evident facts, in one place.

This info is all in the forum spread amongst various threads. It also seems that many (well meaning) people on the forum are not fully aware either as I recently discovered while trying to solve basic power issues on my controllers and received lots of advice totally un-usable on my controller.

So, you want to increase the input voltage above the stated voltage for your controller? Things to consider

1). FETS..What are they rated at

2). Capacitors. What are they rated at

3). Input Power stage

4) HVC and LVC

1). FETS...later..for others

2). Caps....Later...for others