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There are many types of connectors used in ebikes. Often when buying ebike parts like a hub motor, brake handles or controllers they come pre-fitted with a connector which can be different from each seller. There is a choice of the user what connector to use if the DIY force is in you. You can learn about changing connectors reading "connector change guide"link. There are many connectors to choose from and below is a list of the most common connectors used in ebike wiring.

Type list after connector name

  • 4mm bullet, also called 4mm HXT. DC power connector used on Zippy and Turnigy LiPo batteries.[1] Photos here.
  • XT60. DC power connector used in RC LiPo. Photos here.
  • XT90. Larger and more robust than XT60. XT90S has built in anti-spark function
  • T-connector. Used in RC applications. Photos here.
  • JST-XH. Used as a balance connector in most LiPo batteries.[2]. The width varies depending on how many cells in the pack. Photo of 6S JST-XH connector here
  • Anderson Powerpole. DC power connector, often used on electric bikes. Photos here.
  • C14 (IEC 60320). Mains (AC) power connector, often used for power supplies. Photo here
  • Ring style connector
  • Blade style connector

Usage list of connectors

From battery to controller

  • Mic 4-pin/4-pole C146 connector. Used in Lithium bottle batteries.
  • Ac connector. Used in Lifepo4, lithium and connector with cables for lead-acid batteries.
  • Anderson connectors. The DIY number 1st choice in the USA.
  • XT60 and XT90 lipo connectors. Foolproof and almost non-crushable! Can be plugged a million times almost. Not suitable for very high voltages, touch protection is not very deep (by crossbreak 02-13)

Between batteries

  • HXT 4mm for the Turnigy and Zippy batteries, since they need no heat-shrink and the batteries already come with them. They can be used for series connection very easy, like with 9V-block batteries. BUT: Also called suicide plug, since one can make a direct shortcut, if one has two batteries in hand. They also tend to wear fast and should not be plugged to often (by crossbreak 02-13)

How to build parallel battery harness using Anderson connectors:

Between motor and controller

  • Bullet connectors. There are 4mm ones for up to 100amps bursts, for larger currents there are 5.5mm ones 8mm ones and so on. (by crossbreak 02-13)

Connectors that can be found on ebikes, and what they're called

I find two main types of connectors on ebikes. There's the white ones such as the one that's used for connecting the halls on the motor to the controller. Those are 6-way (in a 2 by 3 layout); there's also 2-way and 3-way versions of those. To find them on Ebay, search for "2.8 mm connector"

The other type I see a lot of, are black, with all the wires in a row. To find those, search for "jst 2.5 sm". You can get 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 way connectors.

Phase wires are usually connected with tiny bullet connectors; when I look at them, I don't have a lot of confidence in them, so I cut them off and replace them with 4mm bullets. But if you really want them, I think they're "Bullet Connectors 3.9mm" on Ebay, and their main advantage is that they're very, very cheap; I got 10 pair, with sleeve, for £2.66.

Power wires, when they do have a connector, have all sorts, but to find one commion type, search for "6.3 mm electrical connector". I replace them with EC5 connectors, because I have to plug and unplug frequently; partly to charge up, and partly because I use the same batteries for all my bikes. EC5s seem to make a good connection, and yet you don't have to fight with them to get them apart.

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