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Measurements by full-throttle [1] BPM 500W Code-9

Phase impedance 70mOhm

Phase inductance 275uH

9 turns x 10 strands of d0.56mm (23AWG)

34 lams 0.5mm

18 teeth 17mm wide x 10mm deep x 14mm high

Stator dia 130mm

Air gap 0.5mm

Magnets 8 pairs 18mm wide x 2.5mm thick

Flux ring 6mm thick

Picture of the planetary drive: [2]

BPM-2 11T rear by crossbreak [3]:

Motor weight: 4.35 kg

Inductance 401µH

KV of various Winds/codes, geared(5:1)/rotor

Code10: 8.75/43.75

Code11: 7.92/39.6

Code15: 5.72/29.6

Code16: 5.33/26.65 all others can be extrapolated

Winding Scheme


Copper mass: ~153g (10 Turns, 0.5mm diameter wire, 6 in parallel)

Teardown and Specs Thread



Gears (BPM2): Modul 1.25; 14mm width; Sun-gear: 21T Planets: 42T Ring-gear 105T Standard reduction 105/21 = 5:1