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non hub wheel drives

These drives use a sproket directly attached to the wheel for driving it. They do not use the bicycle drive train and so they have different advantages and drawbacks than the common Middrives described above. Most non hub wheel drives use a two stage reduction. The first stage often is a belt or gear drive, a chains and belt drives are most common as a final reduction drive.

There is a pic of MattyCii's non hub wheel drive [1] below as an example. He used a recumpence V4 belt drive kit [2] and an Astro burshless inrunner motor.

These drives are mostly custom made, but there are also complete after market kits which are made in china. These aftermarket kits mostly include brushed 24V motors ranging from 250 to 450 watts and come with a bicycle chain sprocket which drives a sprocket at the rear wheel.

Single speed.JPG

Currie - eZip & iZip

The largest volume and least expensive eBikes are produced by Currie under the eZip and iZip brands.

Until recently, these eBikes exclusively used a gear reduction motor to power the rear wheel.

EZip Drivetrane.JPG

XYD-16 Bracket.JPG

Sold in the USA since 2007.


I've been running them since 2008 and found them very easy to upgrade-enhance.


7s vs 9s 20mph.jpg

Original production motor, still available, is the rather noisy MY1018Z - a straight cut gear-reduction motor, later models use the XYD-16 helical cut gear, gear reduction motor - much quieter.

These motors are beginning a whole new life!

MY1018z (24V 450w) motor @ 33.3V (625w) though DNP 34-11T 7spd Freewheel

Crank Drive - 33.3V.jpg

Crankin' It - Mid-Mounted Crank Drive - in progress ...

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