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Welcome to the Endless Sphere Wiki!

ES is increasing its knowledge everyday. All ES-members can contribute to this wiki connected to the forum site where additional information also is available here. Please search and learn the new world of ebiking!

So, please, add something! Only Endless Sphere forum users are allowed to edit, so please log in with your endless sphere forum user name and password, and make this into the best resource of Electric Vehicle information!

Links in blue have information, links in red are waiting for someone to add information.

Special Pages


Rechargeable Batteries

Overview and calculator spreadsheet:

Battery Charging

Battery charging overview

Battery Management and Monitoring Systems (BMS)

BMS overview

Switches, Contactors, and Connectors

Electric Cars

Electric Bicycles

Electric Scooters

Electric Motorcycles


Repair Tutorials

Speed Control Systems


This category covers displays of all kinds as used on any electric vehicle ("EV"), not just bicycles. (Another category was previously created specifically for ebikes.)

Electric Motors

This category provides a general overview on motors apart from their common use case.