EVE C40 40135 cells?


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Jan 16, 2016
Lincolnshire, England
Good afternoon. My PING batteries have finally died on me and I am now looking at buying/building replacements for them. Been looking around and I quite like the look of these cells from EVE which have threaded ends eliminating the need for soldering or welding. EVE C40 40135 - 20Ah - 60A LiFePO4 - 3.2V - Prismatic - LiFePO4 - Rechargeable batteries | NKON
They seem to have quite decent energy density (for LifePo4) of 170.88wh/kg (though that excludes busbars, holders, casing and BMS)
They seem quite cheap at 10 euros each (if buying a fair number of them, I would be buying 32 to build a 51v, 40ah battery, 2p 16s), so 320 euros for around 2Kwh of cells
I have tried searching the forum but cannot find any mention of these cells. Has anyone looked at them and discounted them for any reason?
Was wondering if I could re-use the BMS from my old PING batteries (signallab v5)?
I have also looked for this cell and plan to do a 24S3P setup with them in the beginning of the next year.
But can't help you at the moment.
On a basic comparison these EVE C40 look very good value. Compared to 2kWh of tabbed Molicel P42A they'd take up roughly 50% more space and an extra 2.5kg, at only half the price. With low discharge rate and high capacity they look ideal for a VM, unless you paid over 100 Euro / kg saved for a lighter version of your machine. I'd check the internal resistance of these, how LiFePO4 age and whether 20A continuous will be enough when derated for age, cold weather etc, before pulling the trigger.

The other contender that comes to mind is SPIM08 but like the EIG cells on my recumbent (in 14S1P), sourcing in the UK & EU seems a problem. Soldering isn't difficult and if you want to cast the net wider Nkon offer tabs on many of their cells. With so many variables there's really not much alternative to a spreadsheet of all the plausible candidates.

Edit: if you can wait these might be worth a look. Edit#2: but they have bad reviews.
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