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Hello Fechter. Liveforphysics and me are not capable posting on that new forum as it mention we dont have suffisent privileges. Any idea how to solve that? thanks!"
hello Dogman.... I'm a nearby cat who would like to say hi and maybe meet up and learn from you. Deming here. seems like you vanished just as I got here... hope you are doing ok. It would be good to talk to you. Steve aka phred kat
Hi, First, sorry if an IM is the wrong way to reply/ask my questions, I'm pretty new here and somehow always get my social connections wrong lol. My budget is really low. I live in southern New Mexico and I would like to ask if you know aprox what shipping would be? I have no idea where you are....

thanks for reading and a reply! Steve, phreddakat on ES....
I'm going a little crazy trying to decipher the instructions for the auto learn on my new FarDriver controller. I've got Bluetooth connected, the motor runs great.

Do I start the auto learn with the throttle pinned wide open and hold it there or what? Then what? I can't make heads or tails from the Chinese translation (Loosen the throttle!).
Ely Schless (NoStroke)
Tony, a newbe basic ?, if you do not mind. How did you hook bms balance wires to nese modules....I use a 10s4p pack using nese mods and, had a second cell fail. (bike). Found it and replaced it and failed again...might be bms is messed, sure, but curious,
Does it make any difference in number BMS's of balance wire numbers if a pack is a 10s4p or a 10s7p pack?
Good land man, no it doesn’t.
Are you protecting the BMS from static discharges when wiring it?

Explain “cell failed”?

i think I have a couple of 10S unused BMS from warranty stock when we sold UPP junk.
Thanks! Cells failed is misnomer...BMS shut pack down, again, for low cell....sorry. I just stand on cement in garage...so no statif protect...never thought of that.

Went to crimping, from soldering. Thanks no need more stuff. Hsve two Vruzend BMS,,,,Using Agniusm's modules...AG is now.

Past was NESE items; easy to find low cells and replace; and so well done...I might have messed up...as usual...still learning.