LiFePo4 battery prices ?


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Aug 3, 2010
Sydney ..(Hilly part !) .. Australia/ Down under !
There seems to be a sudden drop in LiFepo4 battery prices which stubbornly held at over us$400 /kWh for a long time.
The 12v , 100+ Ah , auto/ RV storage batteries are now showing up on line localy (free delivery!) at much lower prices from “brand name” suppliers .
I guess there is a lot more production capacity on stream now.
Currently this well known RV brand 200AH , 12 v , (2.4 kWh) battery is available for Au$650 delivered, which works out at us$182 /kWh.

Much better than previous,..but still a way off the often predicted <$100 /kWh
The China to Oz distribution pipeline is IMO much better developed and less "friction" than China to USA

High volumes also bring the shipping / local inventorying costs way down.

And Aussie torts liability is a much more manageable risk factor.

In the past your tariffs were punitively high, I guess those have eased up a bit?
Oz still has a major trade tarrif war with China on many products ( wine, coal, iron, etc) ..but some products seem to either be ignored or are exempt.
Also there are many Chinese businesses based in Oz specifically importing /retailing Chinese products.
The surprising thing to me is how quickly something can be bought online from a Chinese based supplier and reach my doorstep within a few days at zero shipping cost ?
Internal Oz mail/ post is slow and expensive .
Wow wish they would set up stateside.

If you get a crap shipment here you are supposed to ship back to China, which costs so much more than the replacement products would be worth...