5 Speed Manual DR650 Conversion with QS138 and BAC8000 (It Rips!)


1 kW
Oct 22, 2009
Marietta, Ga.
This is a DR650 that I converted to electric using:
-QS138 90H Motor
-ASI BAC8000 from ERT
-Kia Soul EV Batteries in 20s 75ah

It retains it's factory 5 speed manual transmission and clutch. This is great for quickly selecting the proper gear for the terrain.


For FAQ's about the build including a discussion on performance specs

That would be awesome! I'll DM you my contact info.
I haven't watched the video yet, but damn, you cut a unit engine in half and kept the tranny?? Amazing.

Edit: I see you somehow fit an entire QS138 in the bottom end. Hahaha, great stuff! Definitely looking forward to your next videos where you explain how the hell you did that. Subscribed!
Fantastic build :bigthumb:
I love how you integrated the QS motor into the crankcase.
Really nice work there. Enjoy riding and improving it!
electric_nz said:
That’s amazing!!! Why are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha etc not doing this on a commercial basis?

I think they try to reduce the cost across the board to help justify the cost of the batteries.

I don't think all electric motorcycles need transmissions but I do think that any electric dual sport would greatly benefit from having atleast high and low range.
I agree with Zero for street motorcycles. A large motor and high watts keep a single-speed drietrain simple...

But for off road, a few gears really helps.
Grantmac said:
Any thoughts on removing all but a low and direct gear?

Not feasible. The ratchet mechanism can only turn the drum one gear at a time so you'd still have to click it multiple times even to skip a gear. I guess you could make a custom shift drum.

Not worth it though as the extra ratios are nice to have so it would not make sense to remove them.
I like this alot! I guess the dr650 lends itself to this approach because of its long stroke creating enough room for the motor inside the case. Do you happen to have a measurement of distance between the centers of the motor shaft and the countershaft? I'd like to do a similar project while choosing an engine without all the oil cooling issues (which obviously complicate things)

As a comparison, a crf150 motorcase only has room for a 120mm diameter motor, I think the QS138 is 160-170mm