60V and 72V TC / Elcon 1.8kW chargers


100 W
Aug 5, 2020
Hello all, selling two TC (known in the US under the Elcon brand) HK-H 1.8kW chargers from my electric motorcycle project (now going with a higher-voltage system).

If you're not familiar, these are beefy, bulletproof, high-power IP67 chargers which run off both 120V and 240V. Power output is 1.8kW on 240VAC. I use these are part of my J1772 system (with a J1772 adapter) so I could charge on any public charger, while still being able to plug into a regular 120V outlet at home. These are heavy, about 7lbs each. 8" wide.

These are both switched units, not the much more expensive CAN-bus units. Meaning they simply have two wires coming out which must be connected for the charger to turn on. Pretty handy for a safety circuit or an external switch.

The 60V charger was used for 2000 miles onboard an electric motorcycle. It outputs 13A at 120VAC and 25A off a level 2 charger. Charge curve is set for li-ion cells (4.2V per cell x 16 = 67.2VDC). I actually had requested a 66.4V max from the supplier, which made it onto the sticker but not the unit programming. It charges to a full 4.2V per cell. Comes with cables (you will need to add your own discharge connector).

The 72V charger is brand new, never used. It has a li-ion charge curve set for a max voltage of 82V (4.1Vx20S). It comes with the brand-new connectors and pins but never had cables made up.

I paid $300 shipped from China for each one of these.

I'll do $150 shipped for the 60V and $200 shipped for the 72V. Located in Driftwood, Texas if you're local.
Oct 20, 2019
Hi Jordan.
Unfortunatelly I'm in Europe and shipping would probably be to expensive but
would you share what is required to use these on a public charger?
I was looking at these for my motorbike but couldn't find any info on how to make them work on level 2 chargers anywhere.
I suspected they should work but couldn't find anything solid on how to make them communicate with the charger station.
Thanks in advance,