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Art of the bicycle II, 2010, Fort Collins Colorado

Josh K.

100 W
Dec 12, 2007
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Art of the Bicycle II, 2010-

September 3rd and 4rth, 10th, and 11th, Fort Collins Colorado, 208 Linden st, Art Lab.

Due to popular demand, we are recreating Art of the Bicycle, around the Tour De Fat parade days...

Check out hand made bicycles from Fort Collins: Black sheep, Meetsauce, Yipsan, Blindspot, Brave new wheel, RunAbout Cycles,
Lenard's Fish and Jet bike, Blindspot's Bagger E cycle, Less's Art trike, Panda's bammbo creations, and more to come...

A group of 30 bikes will be on display in a gallery showing, at art lab. RunAbout Cycles will be showing their E trikes,
Electric Cargo Cruiser, and modified Rans machine for the event. A couple of E bikes will be outside for free test rides as well.
The focus of this event will be hand made bikes from the Rockies...

Friday night we will have Trash Cannon playing tunes while we dress up our bikes for the Tour De Fat parade!

The tour De Fat will be about 5,000 bike riders in costume, parading through the streets for the morning of Sat the 4rth...
Check out Tour De Fat on the google machine for more info...

Contact Josh( at )runaboutcycles.com for more info:
244 North College Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Hi Folks,

Here is a link to our bike show. I showed my new Electric cargo bike design, my E trikes, and Rans Conversion.
Lot's of folks coming by, lot's of press, lot's of interest in the 12 hand builders from Fort Collins.

Life is good, Peace, Josh K.
Josh are you still kickin? I tried calling your number that is posted on your web site. It does not work. I can't find a good email on your web site. Let me know if you are still building. I am coming to your town from Houston and would like to see some of your work. Last month I went to Boulder and rode an Opti Bike.

I can be reached at rhaines8@comcast.net

Please get a hold of me if possible.

Thanks Rick
Hello, Thanks for the interest. Yes, we are in the Game!

We have a new E bike store in Fort Collins, 244 North College Ave, Fort Collins CO 80524.

Please do come by and take some test rides.

970-237-0231 Cell Number

970-416-6803 New Shop number.

Small Planet E vehicles, and RunAbout Cycles

Josh K.
Calling for entries:

We are looking for a few more hand made bikes from Fort Collins area.

Please let us know if you want to show!

Josh K.
Do you have any more info? A web site perhaps?

Woody and I might be interested but most likely not all the days you listed plus the fact I'm not quite in Ft Collins.