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Asynchronous motors - is induction the new future?

I can not open the document its ask me to purchase the PDF. I've found a lot of educational modules on YouTube presented by John Hendershot, ill have to give him a shout out for placing the info modules and his experience on there.

I'm learning a lot from what he presents tied together with my engineer modules is giving me an idea of the materials used and purpose, Its is starting to make a lot more sense now lamination thickness for a 50hz machine vs 20khz etc and that end turns are where heat can gather and air is very poor at heat transfer so a boron epoxy on the end turns can increase thermal efficiency, I got a lot to learn but I will enjoy it.

From what I gather a very high frequency motor could be achieved with a bonded carbonyl iron stator, and a carbon fibre rotor with samaruim cobalt 28 perm mags it would have a lower torque density than a neodymium but have very high temperature resistants.
I dont know, is it just me who thinks this whole motor deal is crap and everybody else awaits for magic to happen?
Magic motor that no one wants to build, even chinese :D
There is not much good technical comming out of Russia