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Feb 28, 2024
Maryland Heights
I have the wuxing cm5001 500 watt mid drive motor with 48v batt and the DS103 display. I believe the motor might be FOC vector controlled if that means anything which i read off website for motor. anyway i need to know how to obtain a app or software to change settings . my goal is to upgrade its performance and bypass the limits set. please help...Enable full throttle at PAS level 1-9,Change the basic user level of the controller, Reduce the current.Please help, I have C.O.P.D. and shoulder implant along with other health conditions.
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also is this motor system related to another brand anyway ? and are ther any other options i can add to increase power if i cant achieve happiness after making setting changes. I already know how to log into display settings to change its settings by the factory display , im looking to get into the system software settings to adjust peddle %, wheel sizes. speed settings, current settings, etc
Unless Wuxing copied the specific Bafang system the tool is intended to access, and didn't change anything about it so the tool still works on it, you'd need to contact the manufacturer of your actual system to get any software they may have created to do what you want.

If they didn't make any, or won't provide it to you, then there is no way (short of reverse engineering it yourself and writing software to do it, if it has the capability at all) to access it from outside the system.

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