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Dengfu E06, Wafa or Haibike?


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Oct 28, 2020
On the fence with what route to take. The easy route would be to simply buy a Haibike FullFat 10.0 or to buy the Wafa I Am Carbon. The other option is to buy the E06 and build the bike I think I want. The bike will be used on the ski hill we are on from November through April. If I go the E06 route, I would build it as follows:

E06 frame
Bafang Ultra
Lekkie Buzz Bars
48v/14ah in frame battery
Carbon 90mm tubeless wheels with DT350 hubs
Tires- not sure
Magura or Hope brakes
Nukeproof bars
Mastodon fork or Lauf
Sram X01 on the rear
Sram cassette
Fox Float Rear

So if you needed a bike to play on a ski hill, what would you do? I have back issues so a full suspension makes sense. Can anyone comment on the battery life when using the ultra?

Any help would be appreciated!
Battery life on Ultra with stock controller is disappointing. The aftermarket innotrace controller improves range by 20% or more IME and many other benefits. Since you are in North America I would consider Watt Wagon's upcoming FS carbon bike:


I am told it will be very competitively priced and you will be able to upgrade to the innotrace controller (Watt Wagons is the exclusive North American distributor of the controller and markets it as the Archon X1).
Thank you Tom. I saw that WW is going to release a Fat Bike soon. If I do a Bafang mid drive I had planned on sending it to WW for the upgrade. They are only an hour drive from me.
I'm also thinking about the E06

I mailed Dengfu for pricing and specs.
Would love to know what wheelsizes fit.
I heard it had a 197 rear spacing.
Seat post diameter? Suitable rear schocks? etc..

That is very handy info to have before you start. Right?

Well I asked them... they don't really know.
They send you a datasheet that is completely wrong..


29? 148? That doesn't sound like a fatbike!

Does anyone have accurate information?
How much travel is possible?
The rear is 197x12. The front is 150x15. Seatpost is 34.9. rock shox monarch or crane creek will fit it.

I think I am going to order one and see what happens. Pretty sure it will take 27.5 wheels with 4.0 tires in the rear and a 27.5 with a 5.0 tire in the front with a Mastodon Ext. Sole purpose of it will be to climb and come down a ski hill.
just left a molicel p42a in the freezer for 2days and then discharged it, did a 40T also, heres the link

Dengfu E06 seems to be the most economical build. Carbon frame shipped around right under $900usd. If you dont want to do ANY work, the whole bike can be bought.

I went and order a frame and a motor. Got parts from my other fatties and just going to swap them over.
Cant wait til the frame get here in early Jan. I will do a build thread on it.
That’s awesome! Can’t wait til mine arrived.
70cells on 18650 or 21700?

I’m planning on building with 21700 Tesla 3 cells on 14s configuration.
BeachRider2016 said:
70cells on 18650 or 21700?

If my calculations are correct then 70 x 18650 is the maximum that will fit in the batterycase.

Saw a guy that put 70 x 21700 in the frame but that takes a bit more creativity.
He hacked the frame and made his own box.

Which cells are you going to use ? I have LG HG2 3000mAh 20A and Tesla 3 21700 5000mAh. With 5px14s Lg cells, that’s only 15A and 4Px14s Tesla is 20A. How about using the triangle gap to extend more cells outside? Maybe add a connector on the tube.

Or just build 2 batteries, swap when needed.
I got my frame today. Very excited about the build. I was trying to see if I can even fit 56-21700 cells and it’s a no go. Max I can fit, with some room for internal cables, is 14sx3p config.


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