Electric 1971 Vespa Rally Conversion


1 mW
Apr 20, 2021
I bought this Rally a couple of months back with a not-too-good respray silver paint.
The engine was seized and so were the fork axle bearings. I pulled the fork and engine and I am rebuilding them both (slowly but surely).
Many of you know me as the guy who converts all my Vespas to electric. Not all of them... most of them
So, while I am in the rebuild process of the engine/fork, I converted my Rally to electric with a bunch of spare EV parts I had lying around! I also slipped in a fenderless P fork too just to get it rolling around.

13-inch hub motor with disc brake, 72v battery and a Kelly KVD controller. Laser cut CAD-designed steel swingarm. Took about 2 hours to get to this stage of conversion. Quick action throttle to a cable throttle box so it still has a mechanical feel when you want it to GO.

And boy does it GO! I haven't gotten a real top-speed run yet because it goes way too fast to try to hold my phone with the GPS Speedo app running. It does fly by traffic with ease and takes off like a banshee.
The plan is (and has always been) to put it all back to gas-powered. But, I am having so much fun with this that I might just intentionally take a little bit longer rebuilding everything.

What do you guys think? Have I desecrated the sacred Rally? Do you like the hot-rod large rear wheel look?


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Looks good and mostly stock; I definitely like a "sleeper" build. What are the electric specs?
Looks good and mostly stock; I definitely like a "sleeper" build. What are the electric specs?
Thanks! 70 amps continuous at 72v so at nominal voltage it's pulling ~5000w. The motor can do that all day without getting too hot. Peak 100amps are limited by my current battery pack. This peak power puts me at just around 10 horsepower which is what a stock, fresh, and dialed Vespa Rally 180 engine can pull. Not sure of the range yet. The acceleration beats the stock engine by far.
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